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Gray tones are part of a palette that is present both in interior and exterior decoration. Its neutrality offers numerous democratic probabilities of combinations. According to Alan Godoi of Studio Panda, “in the dictionary, gray means ‘the color that is between black and white’. In decoration, it works impartially and without emotion, that is, it needs to be combined with other colors to bring the compositions to life”.

What are shades of gray?

There is a huge variation of shades of gray. They go through different interesting nuances, even with backgrounds that flirt with blue, green, purple and brown. In addition to neutrality, the different tones print elegance, sophistication and solidity. Discover the 12 most used in decoration today:

  • Dark gray: a very dark tone, close to black. Lead gray is widely used in intimate and modern environments.
  • Gray Silver: adds elegance and modernity to the environment, as the tone has a metallic shine.
  • bluish gray: with a gray base and nuances of blue, the bluish gray makes the environment more comfortable.
  • greenish gray: works exactly like bluish gray, offering the same visual sensations, but with nuances of green.
  • Gray Mist: lies between the dark and light shade of gray, ensuring an elegant and mature middle ground for the environment.
  • Light gray: has a good white base in the composition, widely used in decorations clean and in small environments.
  • Medieval Gray: it is between medium gray and light gray tones, with brown nuances, very used mainly in furniture and upholstery.
  • Graphite Gray: a lighter version of lead grey, perfect to match the metallic grey.
  • Graphite Gray: a variation of light grey, very discreet and soft, perfect to combine with other more prominent colors.
  • Seashell: a light gray tone with purple nuances, bordering on lilac. A perfect color to create coziness in space.
  • Nickel: a darker shade of medieval grey, closer to medium grey.
  • stainless steel: a variation of silver gray, very present in kitchens and home appliance finishes.

All the tones on the list can be used in different ways in decoration. Also, it is very easy to match colors with gray. Follow the next topic!

How to choose the shade of gray?

There is no particular shade of gray for a specific environment. However, you need to balance the color with the rest of the project. Based on the premise that gray is a neutral color in the decoration, the architect Alan Godoi gives some combination tips:

Grayscale on the external wall

For areas exposed to the weather, the architect suggests the application of gray in materials that do not require much maintenance: “the most interesting suggestions are burnt cement, exposed concrete, gray brick and cement cladding“.

in apartments

For reduced films, the professional bets on shades of gray that create sensations of amplitude. “We use more open gray tones, which resemble cement, as it gives the impression of a more spacious environment, although this is not a rule. It is possible to work with more closed shades of gray in specific points and not as a determining color, for example, applying smaller furniture and decorative objects on a single wall”.

Decorating the room with shades of gray

The living room is an environment that calls for acceptance. If the space is large, darker tones are welcome, especially in modern decor. In this space, “I like to use gray regardless of tone. However, for bulky furniture, betting on a dark tone gives a unique elegance”. Thus, the gray room can receive other colors in “pictures, vases, cushions, armchairs, etc.”, suggests the professional.

shades of gray on the wall

“Choosing the exact shade for a gray wall is a very personal thing. A technical tip is always to take into account the dimensions of the space – larger areas can have a predominance of more closed shades of gray, while smaller areas look good in lighter tones. Of course, we can use one or the other wall in a small room with a closed tone, but think of a beautiful painting to break up this large dark surface a little”, suggests Godoi.

tone on tone

Playing with shades of gray in the same environment adds an undeniable seriousness to the decor, however, it can be broken with a creative game of colors. The architect cites an example: “in my office, there is a wall with cement board next to another with gray wallpaper, the difference in tones is very interesting, but we added paintings and other colorful elements to make the environment more creative. I also like to add natural materials, such as wood, to compose residential environments”.

shades of gray in the kitchen

As in other environments, the shade of gray adopted to decorate the kitchen must be thought of according to the dimensions, but this can be forgotten without thinking twice when it comes to flooring and coatings: “a woodworking project with the upper part gray gives the freedom to add other colors at the bottom, like teal blue. If you want a minimalist design, bet on furniture without handles.” It is worth combining gray with another color to not leave the environment too neutral.

The moral of the story is that gray can be implemented in the decor in different ways, for example in a gray porcelain tile. Check out some inspiration below!

50 photos of grayscale decor in different design styles

Get inspired by the most creative projects with different shades of gray. Despite being sober, this color is one of the most democratic in the palette. Check out!

1. Graphite and stainless steel in a perfect marriage with yellow

2. Here the tone on tone was broken with the addition of wood

3. In this bathroom, the variation of tones dictated the seriousness of the design

4. See how the colored pads give a special touch to the burnt cement

5. This palette has light gray variations and earthy armchairs

6. Black and gray offer a mature and modern aesthetic

7. The gray texture is ideal for outdoor areas

8. Natural elements combined with lead gray are highly welcoming

9. A light gray joinery for the small room

10. The color points of this composition were due to the decorative elements

11. For the bedroom, serenity stands out

12. The tone on tone in this bathroom was fun with the geometric figures

13. For a vintage touch, a bluish gray

14. Minimalism reigns with medium gray

15. In addition to the 3D coating, the yellow also broke the sobriety of the facade

16. A contemporary room works with light and medium gray tones

17. Light coating highlighted dark green joinery

18. Burnt cement also highlights woodworking

19. Earth-toned armchairs breaking the ice in the monochromatic hall

20. In this room, the clean gradient was broken by pillows and plants

21. Notice the details of the sofa fabric with light gray threads

22. The hexagonal floor made the sober color palette more fun

23. The fish scale style coating is very interesting

24. A modern kitchen in different shades

25. The marble print married very well with liverpool

26. The contemporary balcony and all its elegance in neutral colors

27. Notice how the gray gave a cozy touch to the room

28. Light gray is responsible for a welcoming feeling of spaciousness

29. It also helps to enhance natural lighting

30. The led light in the woodwork highlighted the lead gray even more

31. In this project, the gray was responsible for highlighting the brick

32. This combination works both outdoors and indoors

33. Even the ceiling followed the same color as the joinery

34. A light neutral base is much cozier with textures and colors

35. Four shades of gray for the minimalist kitchen

36. Life in the midst of gray was due to wood, plants and straw

37. The integrated room still had light gray to brighten the environment

38. The neutral kitchen featured variations from black to light gray

39. All it takes is a small piece of furniture to make all the difference

40. Or a bedding

41. The look can be completely changed when the furniture has rounded shapes

42. Dark gray furniture adds more sophistication to the project

43. Warming the neutral environment with the wood of the cabinet

44. The golden handles ensured the elegance of the joinery

45. The gray present in the bedroom textures

46. ​​Gray variations let other colors reign in the decor

47. And they bring a unique balance to the composition

48. Combining different shades of gray ensures an austere design

49. They bring balance to compact environments

50. And also personality in a composition full of attitude

Gray and its varied tones are present in different types of design, from classic to modern, from minimalist to industrial, from sober to cozy. With creativity, this impersonal color transforms the decor.

Tutorials to include shades of gray in the decor in the right measure

Among inspirations, tours and information, the videos below bring different tips to use shades of gray in the best way in decoration.

15 gray room inspirations

In this video, the projects commented by the professional bring the shades of gray as main elements. There are several decorating tips to add your identity to the space. Watch!

5 gray apartment decorating tips

The architect shows an apartment with different shades of gray. During the tour, he gives tips to make the environment more cozy without the need to make major changes.

How to use gray in decor

Do you know which shades of gray are most used in certain types of decor? Watch the video to learn about it. In addition, there are several combination and composition tips.

If the idea is to create environments with variations of gray that escape the impersonal, carefully study the addition of welcoming nuances. For that, you can check out the article about colors that match gray. The projects are wonderful!