tips from an architect and 60 projects with color

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Pastel yellow is responsible for transmitting cozy and soft sensations to the environment, although it is a variation of a warm tone. It is possible to introduce it into the decor in different ways, whether in the bedroom, living room or any other room. Follow the article for tips from an architect and inspiration.

5 tips for using pastel yellow in decor

According to Marina Medeiros, from Druze Architecture, pastel yellow does not need to be combined only with other colors in the chart. “When it is paired with a baby blue, for example, the atmosphere is light and fun. With dark and similar colors, such as terracotta, it creates a warm but sober atmosphere. The texture of light wood, on the other hand, becomes a good ally for delicate environments”, explained the professional. Check out more tips from the architect to add this color to the decor:

in the children’s room

Pastel yellow is widely used in children’s room decor. The architect’s tip is: “add the tone in the painting of the walls or in the joinery details, which have textures, such as light wood and shades of gray, creating a contemporary and delicate atmosphere”.

Encouraging creativity

“In spaces where children’s activities will be carried out, such as a toy library, paintings and woodworking details also fit, but can be associated with other colors in pastel tones, creating a playful and soft atmosphere”, suggested the architect.

in the social area

In mature environments, pastel yellow is responsible for bringing a touch of joy. It can appear on furniture and accessories. The architect’s suggestion is to produce a composition of pillows in pastel yellow and terracotta tones. In grayish neutral sofas, this combination breaks a little with the overloaded seriousness of the environment.

in the details

A democratic option to decorate with pastel yellow, without running the risk of getting sick easily, is to add the tone in the details: “the color can be present in the upholstery of curved sofas and soft puffs, bringing a fun air to the environment”, added the professional.

To ensure the durability

As it is a light color, pastel yellow requires some considerations to ensure that its durability in decoration is maintained: “avoid using it in high-traffic environments, whether on sofas or rugs, where the circulation of people and pets is intense, for being a color that appears more dirt or scratches. In these environments, it is best to abuse the composition in loose elements of decoration”, explains Medeiros.

The architect left an important tip for combining colors: “with warm and vivid colors, the environment will be more agitated and dynamic. The combination with cold colors, with a green and blue background, will leave the environment with a calmer feeling”. So, first of all, it is important to define the style of decoration.

60 projects that prove the versatility of pastel yellow

Depending on the combination and intention, pastel yellow, in an open or closed tone, guarantees the most different sensations to environments. Check:

1. The most popular environment to use pastel yellow is in the children’s room

2. That’s because the color conveys joy without losing delicacy

3. And it still offers a unique welcome to the dorm

4. A radical departure from the “pink bedroom for girls, blue bedroom for boys” premise

5. Pastel yellow is for all kids

6. By the way, it is an option for all ages

7. Combined with the light blue, the dorm setup is smooth

8. With black, the dynamics are different

9. To break the sobriety of burnt cement, yellow reigned

10. On the wall, the gradient inspires creativity

11. See how the tone harmonizes well with the granilite wallpaper

12. For the children’s room, a playful painting

13. Notice the delicacy of the light wood with the pastel tone

14. In a room where beige and white dominate, pastel yellow is a special touch

15. Look at the charm of this crib

16. Combined with red, the dynamics of this environment change the tone

17. A pastel card for the toy library

18. And also for the jovial room

19. In woodworking, pastel yellow stands out as a great highlight

20. Just like the wall, which gained other decorative elements

21. A warm puff to brighten up the environment

22. Yellow and gray added a vintage touch to the kitchen

23. Colored chairs are enough to transform an environment

24. Make the home office more cozy

25. In this project, the closed tone created a beautiful set with the woodworking

26. A touch of pastel yellow glamor for the living room

27. In the office, yellow and marsala inspire creativity

28. On the bench, the combination prints good mood

29. The bathroom also gets a special touch

30. In the details, the difference is striking

31. This palette turned out to be very welcoming

32. Colors make a lot of difference in children’s environments

33. Angles that favor the union of colors

34. A contemporary kitchen marked by lightness

35. Betting on a pastel yellow sofa is a departure from the traditional

36. You can include color in natural materials, such as straw

37. In the lacquered cabinet, the decor radiates joy

38. In the composition of the stylized wall, the card lights up

39. In the bathroom, burnt cement helps to bring out the yellow even more

40. When in doubt, bet on a chair in each pastel shade

41. The pastel tone turns simple into elegant

42. Notice how the chair was harmonized with the tone of the wood

43. In a sober room, the pastel yellow sofa goes well

44. Quite a delicacy in the social bathroom

45. How about this explosion of colors?

46. ​​If you prefer something simpler, just put a color point

47. How can you not love the warmth created by pastel yellow and gray?

48. A subtle backdrop for mint green woodworking

49. You can start coloring discreetly with pillows and frames

50. And even with vases and other adornments

51. And then move on to more striking color points, like a piece of furniture

52. Or with a personal reference

53. Be in a very colorful environment/h3>

54. Or in simple point of color

55. Pastel yellow is present

56. And is able to make the environment more fun

57. Or more welcoming

58. You will define the objective according to the chosen tone

59. And the way pastel yellow will be introduced

60. To add personality to the environment

Whether in the candy color chart or combined with earthy tones in the decoration, pastel yellow will bring a cheerful point to the environment in a harmonious way, just find the desired balance.