tips for having this fruit tree at home


Having a potted jabuticabeira is a simple and practical way to grow a fruit tree. Native to Brazil, jabuticabeira is an ornamental plant, which guarantees tasty fruits and can be grown in gardens and on apartment balconies. Check out the main care to have this plant and enjoy its beauty:

How to care for jabuticabeira in the vase

See below the practical tips that landscape artist Aline Almeida, from Essence of Bush brings to help you grow a potted jabuticabeira.


According to Aline, to have a healthy jabuticabeira, the recommendation is “that it should be in half shade or full sun”. For apartment growing, place the plant in locations that receive at least morning sun.


About watering, the landscaper says that every jabuticabeira loves water and “the ideal is to water it every day. In soil, a daily dripper is ideal to ensure good fruiting.”


The professional suggests “mixing a part of substrate with a part of earth to aerate and nourish the soil. In the case of pots, a soil conditioner in greater quantity along with a good drain is ideal”.


Regarding the pot for cultivation, Aline emphasizes that it is important to pay attention to the size of the plant and clod, because “the vase must be larger than the clod, that is, a proportion so that the plant has enough soil for its roots to grow. develop there”. In addition, the landscaper says that drainage should be the first thing to be done in the pot: “I use the bidim blanket and the granilla for a good drain”.


Regarding fertilization, Aline explains that “the jabuticabeira in pots, like most fruit-bearing plants, needs monthly fertilization, because the amount of soil and nutrients in pots are smaller and, to ensure good fruiting and plant health, the ideal is to fertilize once a month”. She adds that there are specific fertilizers for jabuticabeiras that can be found in specialized houses.


About the fruit season, Aline explains that there are already variations of hybrid jabuticabeiras that bear fruit throughout the year, but that have “a fruit that is not so sweet and not too big”. Sabará jabuticabeiras “take about 10 years to start producing and usually bear fruit only once a year, usually in the middle of the year”.

pests and fungi

According to the landscaper, it is necessary to be aware of pests and fungi, as attacks by aphids or mealybugs can arise, especially if the cultivation is in apartments, “since there is less ventilation”.


Aline indicates that it is important to “make a pruning to clean excess branches” at least once a year, as this “will help the ventilation to enter the plant, in addition to lighting”.


To make seedlings, the professional teaches that there are two ways: “from seeds or by cuttings, made with its branches”.

Aline reinforces that care is the same regardless of place. The plant needs “lighting, fertilization, good watering, lots of care and attention”.

How to grow jabuticabeira in a pot

In addition to all the landscaper tips, you can also check out more information in the videos below. So you can successfully grow your copy.

How to plant jabuticabeira in a pot

Check out in the video how to plant the jabuticabeira in a pot correctly, prepare the drainage at the bottom of the pot, make a mixture for the substrate and insert the seedling into the soil. In addition, the video has fertilization and cultivation tips to have a showy tree with good fruits.

How to make jabuticabeira bear fruit

In this video, you will also check out how to plant jabuticabeira in a pot, as well as learn how to prepare a substrate and fertilization that guarantees faster fruit production. Finish with expanded clay and abundant watering.

Tips for increasing production

See how to make your plant healthier and with greater fruit production from these practical tips. Here, you will get suggestions for growing jabuticabeira in apartments, learn to differentiate the most common species, check fertilization options for growing in pots and receive instructions to make your plant even stronger.

How to do cleaning pruning

Pruning is necessary for your jabuticabeira to grow strong and bear fruit with intensity. Check out the tips in the video and learn how to cut the branches correctly. Even those who don’t have much experience with gardening can do the pruning easily!

Fulfill your desire to have a potted jabuticabeira and take advantage of all these tips to grow it and consume its fruits whenever you want! And if you like to grow plants that are useful in cooking, enjoy and learn how to make a vegetable garden at home.