learn to plant and grow the palm tree at home

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Beautiful, durable and easy to grow, areca-bamboo is one of the most suitable palm trees for those looking to have a modern decoration. The plant is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments and guarantees many possibilities. In addition, its leaves are ornamental, providing a tropical effect in the decoration. Here are some tips from an expert to grow this beautiful plant:

What is areca-bamboo

Areca-bamboo or Dypsis lutescens, is a palm tree native to Madagascar. According to landscape architect João Sabino, the plant can reach up to 9 meters in height and is known for renewing the energy of environments. According to Sabino, the palm is part of the list of plants capable of absorbing toxic particles from the air, so it leaves the air cleaner.

Areca-bamboo is not a toxic plant and, in addition, it has an affordable value in the market. According to the landscape architect, the price of each seedling costs an average of R$25. The value makes the plant increasingly present in gardens, as it is possible to acquire beautiful specimens for a great price. Furthermore, Sabino recalls that areca-bamboo looks beautiful in different environments, such as near walls, lakes and on balconies. Finally, it can be grown as a stand alone plant or hedge.

How to care for bamboo areca

Areca-bamboo is a resistant and very durable palm, so it is easy to have good results when growing it at home. However, like other palm trees, it needs basic care and attention, especially regarding the soil and light. So, in order not to make mistakes when growing the plant, check out, below, great tips from landscape architect João Sabino:

1. Cultivation

According to Sabino, areca-bamboo is one of the most used plants in landscaping around the world for its practicality and beauty, so it can be grown both in gardens and in pots. “For planting in pots, the secret is to choose fertile soil, with good drainage and rich in organic matter”.

2. Irrigation

The areca-bamboo likes good watering and likes more humid soils. However, Sabino advises that the palm tree “does not tolerate soggy soil, as this condition can rot its roots”. A good tip is to water it whenever the soil is dry.

3. Sunlight

The plant can be grown in partial shade or in the shade, where its leaves will be greener and brighter. When grown in full sun, it can have a more yellowish color. Also according to the landscape architect, areca-bamboo adapts well to different climates and, thus, resists well to lower temperatures.

4. How to make seedlings

The areca-bamboo is propagated by seeds, which usually germinate between 2 to 6 months. In addition, the plant can also be propagated through clumps, which form around the main palm trees.

5. Fertilization

“Fertilization should be done monthly between spring and autumn, and should not be carried out in winter. The tip is to use an organic fertilizer, such as cattle manure or earthworm humus, as the plant appreciates fertile soil”, explains Sabino.

6. How to make areca-bamboo grow faster

Finally, Sabino advises that the plant can be cultivated in two ways: one that allows a lower aspect of the palm tree and another that values ​​its growth and size. To guarantee a smaller size of the areca-bamboo, it is enough to leave the clumps of the plant and not to prune them. Thus, its growth will be slower and it will develop in a bushy way.

To ensure a plant with a larger appearance, it is necessary to prune the clumps frequently. In this way, the main palms will grow more vigorously and can reach up to 9 meters in height.

With these tips from João Sabino, you will certainly be successful in the cultivation of areca-bamboo. You can grow it in gardens, as well as indoor environments such as living rooms, offices and balconies. Just use your creativity!

Learn more about areca-bamboo

When taking a new plant home, you need to stay on top of as many tips and guidelines on its cultivation. Even better is when these tips are from those who have had a good experience with the plant, right? With that in mind, check out a series of videos about the cultivation of areca-bamboo below:

More tips on how to grow areca-bamboo

In this video, gardener Flávia Kremer brings curiosities and more information about the areca-bamboo. In addition, she gives good tips on how to plant the palm tree for it to grow and develop well. It’s worth watching, because the vlog also teaches how to make seedlings of the plant.

How to plant areca-bamboo in pots

In this video, gardener Carlos teaches how to grow areca-bamboo in pots. The vlog teaches how to plant and what substrates are needed for the plant. It’s interesting to watch, because the video brings the whole process step by step.

Care of the areca-bamboo seedling

Here, gardener Sandra teaches how to make palm tree seedlings using clumps. In the vlog, you will find out how to carry out the separation of seedlings, without compromising the main plant. Undoubtedly, it is worth watching and write down all the tips!

How to make areca-bamboo seedlings using seeds

Finally, in this video you will learn how to plant areca-bamboo using seeds. In the vlog, gardener Murillo brings great tips to prepare the ideal soil for this type of cultivation. It’s worth checking out, because the gardener also teaches how to speed up seed germination!

From these tips from those who understand the subject, you will certainly have good results with the cultivation of areca-bamboo. The secret is to unite all the guidelines with a lot of affection, so your plant will grow healthy and beautiful!

10 photos of areca-bamboo to inspire your decor

Finally, enjoy a series of beautiful photos of the areca-bamboo in the decoration. The selection will certainly bring good inspirations for you to decorate your home or garden. Look that:

1. Areca-bamboo is one of my favorite plants

2. Its foliage brings charm to the decor

3. And it guarantees a tropical and very modern space

4. This beautiful palm tree can be planted in pots

5. And be grown in different home environments

6. By the way, it looks beautiful in bigger vases

7. Bamboo areca also adapts well to outdoor environments

8. Therefore, it can be a good option for backyards and gardens

9. After all, it brings a touch of elegance to environments

10. Undoubtedly, you will love this beautiful palm tree in the decoration!

Did you like the tips? Now you are ready to grow areca-bamboo and enjoy all the charm of this super versatile palm tree. Take the opportunity to also plant the Fan Palm, as it is easy to grow and also guarantees a beautiful green space at home.