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The bookcase becomes a great attraction when included in the decor, whether in the home office, in the living room or in a private library. There are different sizes and configurations available on the market, as well as tailor-made options to properly fill every inch of your chosen environment.

5 tips for choosing a bookshelf

Before any step on this list is carried out, have the most necessary information ready – the exact footage of the space where the bookcase will be installed. Once that’s done, just follow these tips:

  • Resistance: the perfect bookcase needs to meet a fundamental requirement, that is, to support the weight of books. Before buying, check if the model chosen is resistant so you don’t run the risk of bending the wood or tipping the piece.
  • Design: for a harmonious decoration, choose the aesthetics of the piece. They can vary not only in size, but also in color, height, width and finishes.
  • Practicality: if your bookcase also needs to serve other purposes, opt for a piece that has doors and drawers. Thus, it is possible to display your favorite works and store other things in the available compartments.
  • Dimensions: It is essential to choose the dimensions of the bookcase according to the number of books you want to display. Obviously, they need to be compatible with the installation space. Also, the shelves should be the right size for the items, or at least be adjustable.
  • Materials: although solid wood is the most suitable material for the bookcase, as it offers strength and durability, the material is more expensive than the MDF or MDP options. If you choose one of the last two options, make sure the shelves are reinforced. There are also steel bookcases, which are perfect in offices and industrial decorations.

For shelves in MDF, MDP and other less resistant materials, a bonus tip is worth: spread the arrangement of books among lighter decorative objects. Thus, you will guarantee a greater durability to the furniture.

Where can you buy bookshelf online

It’s time to put the previous tips into practice! Discover some stores that offer a variety of bookcase models and, best of all, you can buy them without leaving your home:

  1. C&C
  2. mobile
  3. homedock;
  4. Wood Wood
  5. marabraz

With the bookcase, you can compose an exclusive decoration. In addition, your collection will be the protagonist of the environment. Next, see how to set up your dream corner.

30 inspirational bookshelf photos to fall in love with

Check out a neat selection of projects. In addition to creating an intimate atmosphere, with its personality, the shelf helps to keep your books:

1. The ladder bookcase is a decoration classic

estante de livros 01 1

Sheila Almendros

2. For the living room, a bookcase with irregular niches makes everything more modern

3. Here, even the colors of the books are part of the composition

4. The hollow shelf made the decor cleaner

5. In addition to accommodating the books, this bookcase also received a TV

6. The strength of the iron shelf is priceless

7. And it can still be found in the beehive model

8. Look at this inspiring corner

9. Made-to-measure, the shelf can be enhanced with special lighting

10. How about a yellow bookcase to make it stand out?

11. In this project, the planned shelf occupied the entire wall

12. In the dormitory, this composition created a real corner for reading

13. If you have space, you can bet on the large shelves

14. You can create alternative solutions to improve lighting

15. Decorative objects can be harmonized with books

16. See how the led makes all the difference in this bookcase

17. The Provencal finish adds a classic touch

18. While lacquered paint makes woodworking more refined

19. This reading corner also received fun objects in the composition

20. You can even style the shelf with seasonal decorations

21. This built-in bookcase had the ladder fixed to an iron base

22. Already made-to-measure shared space with kitchen utensils

23. A model with doors helps hide clutter

24. The bookshelf offers a good transition between environments

25. And it adds a special charm to the home office

26. It’s perfect for optimizing the hallway

27. With track lighting, you can direct the spots to the shelf

28. The sconce at the top was the icing on the cake

29. An L-shaped bookcase is also perfect for optimizing space

30. You can unleash your creativity and show your personality

To compose an even more cozy environment, contemplate the space with comfortable lighting and, if possible, a special armchair for your reading moment.

Tutorials to make your own bookshelf

If you want to show off a handcrafted piece, you’ll love the selection of videos below. The tutorials have cheap materials, few resources and easy processes. Watch:

wooden book shelf

Learn how to make a shelf with peg boards. It can be made any size and height you want. For larger spaces, make several shelves and fit them together.

Iron and wood bookshelf

To produce the tutorial model, you will need 1-inch L-shaped aluminum profiles, spray paint of your choice, and pre-made shelves. This bookcase can be used to accommodate both books and a closet.

Reinforced wooden bookcase

If you want to produce a heavy-duty bookcase to accommodate many books, this tutorial is for you. The model created has differentiated niches and a closed bottom.

Shelving with PVC pipes

Produce an industrial shelf using only pine boards, PVC pipes and various connections. The result is beautiful and the cost is very low.

Another tip is to place the bookshelf in a reading corner. Then just choose your favorite book and enjoy the moment.