How to choose a headboard, inspirations, where to buy and tutorials

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One of the pieces responsible for dictating the style of a room is the headboard. The different materials, formats and sizes create different looks, providing comfort, beauty and practicality to the environment. Before choosing your ideal model, you need to consider some points, know them below. Also, enjoy tips, tutorials, inspirations and know where to buy.

How to choose the perfect headboard for your bedroom

There are several models: iron headboard, wooden headboard, upholstered headboard, among others. However, how to choose the best option for your project? Here are some answers that will help you in this mission:

What is the function of the headboard?

The headboard does not only have an aesthetic function in the decoration. It prevents you from coming into contact with the cold wall, it is a comfortable backrest for a moment of reading and watching TV in bed. In addition, it protects the wall from possible stains and scratches.

What is the right size of a headboard?

The right measure is very relative, as it varies according to the bed model and the space available. However, the headboard must be the width of the bed, and at least 30 cm longer than the height of the mattress. For small or narrow rooms, it is recommended to choose wide and low headboards. For rooms with low ceilings, a high headboard can provide a feeling of spaciousness. For proportionally sized rooms, a headboard that occupies half a wall ensures tailored elegance.

What is the right color for the headboard?

There’s no rules. However, if you like to vary the colors of the wall and bedding, it is advisable to invest in neutral pieces, as they match everything.

How much does a headboard cost?

Ready-made headboards have different prices according to the size and material chosen (between R$ 200 and R$ 1000). Bespoke headboards, made in a custom furniture store or a woodworking shop, also have the same variations, however, generally, the value is a little more expensive, between R$ 500 and R$ 3,000. But if you want to get your hands dirty and produce the part, material costs range from R$130 to R$300.

What is the best material for the headboard?

If you are looking for comfort and warmth, fabric is the most suitable material, as it balances the temperature during touch, for example, a tufted headboard. For a rustic or contemporary aesthetic, exposed wood is perfect, as is a pallet headboard. If you prefer the industrial or modern style, you can invest in an iron or leather headboard.

What is the ideal headboard for children?

If the bed is leaning against the wall, the ideal children’s headboard is the L-shaped model, also extended to the side of the bed. Thus, the bed turns into a comfortable sofa to accommodate the child during the day. If the bed is centered in the room, a chest headboard or with niches are functional for the organization of the environment.

Before securing your headboard, take all the necessary measures of the environment. Thus, you avoid margins of error and guarantee a perfect decoration.

20 headboard photos to inspire your composition

How about leaving your bed all pompous? Next, check out a selection of projects with creative, glamorous and stylish headboards. Get inspired and innovate in decoration:

1. With the plaster headboard, you create a homogeneous and minimalist decoration

2. Ready-made parts are practical and sold in specific measures

3. The leather headboard has a strong presence

4. Observe the marriage of wood and fabric

5. The slatted headboard perfectly accommodated the sconces

6. The straw headboard is a classic and adds natural textures to the composition

7. The side extension of this piece is cozy

8. For a room with low ceilings, a headboard to the ceiling

9. Attached bedside table optimizes space

10. You can also attach a wall sconce to the headboard

11. Here the fabric plates occupied the entire width of the wall

12. The neutral double headboard is one of the most requested

13. For a children’s room, bet on fun colors

14. And in functional headboards

15. The bespoke headboard can be integrated into the furniture

16. To increase the child’s protection against the cold wall

17. Cushions fixed to rods are the trend of the moment

18. Just like the boiserie model with built-in led

19. The important thing is to match the headboard with the decor

20. And leave the environment in harmony

All models are beautiful! As you can see in the projects above, the headboard with LED makes the decor super modern. In addition, she is among the trends of the moment. Carefully choose the style that best suits your project and your budget. Capriche, because this piece will be part of your rest corner.

How to make a custom headboard for your bedroom

Write down all the tips, materials and the step by step. So, make no mistake, you can make a stylish headboard and save a lot:

upholstered headboard

In this tutorial, check out the step-by-step guide to making an upholstered headboard with simple materials: fabric, MDF board, foam and screws. Measurements can be adapted according to the size you need for your room.

boiserie headboard

It seems impossible, but you can believe and bet, because the result is beautiful. With a styrofoam board, glue and paint, you can make a boiserie headboard. It’s easy, but requires patience. The elegance of the result is priceless.

slatted headboard

A tour of the vlogger’s bedroom, with a step-by-step walkthrough of a slatted headboard made of EVA skirting. The execution is so simple that it surprises.

Modular headboard with built-in LED

In this video, follow the execution of an upholstered headboard, from production to installation. The vlogger spent just R$130 on materials during the process.

All models presented are in high demand. The result will be an aesthetic room, with a Pinterest face, without spending too much.

Where to buy headboard without leaving home?

You can buy a headboard for your bed, with price variations between R$200 and R$2,000, in different stores in Brazil. See which offers the best delivery time and shipping to your city:

  1. C&C
  2. mobile
  3. homedock
  4. Wood Wood
  5. mappin

The headboard of your bed deserves a suspended bedside table. In addition to making the room functional, it is a stylish decorative element.