Colors that match red in decor: palette and inspirations

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It seems like a difficult task to find colors that go with red in a simple way. But the truth is that the versatility of this pigmentation brings to the decoration different aesthetics, from modern to rustic, through the minimalist and vintage style. Check out all the possibilities that can compose a meaningful look with this warm color.

The main colors that go with red

There are several shades of red to explore in the decor. They all bring an air of passion, positive energy and joy to the environment. Below, check out a chart with the most popular colors that combine and highlight the vibrant red:

  • Black: it’s not for nothing that the jargon “pretinho basic” is used in all segments – it goes with everything. Whether for classic, vintage or modern decor, black and red form an impactful and timeless team.
  • White: the sobriety of white is responsible for offering balance to the decor. Thus, its presence, in addition to supercombining with red, allows the addition of other colors. Even a minimalist decor gains a unique identity in this wedding.
  • Grey: like white, gray is a neutral color that guarantees stability to the environment. Another perfect option to emphasize red, as well as add other colors.
  • Wood: the marriage between red and wood is a perfect union that allows many combinations. For example, to bet on the industrial style, just include black and gray in the card, and the explosion of personality is guaranteed.
  • Golden: red and gold bring a refined atmosphere to the decor, ideal for classic environments. Together, the two colors combine with the dark green and leave the environment with a London touch.
  • Blue: the contemporary decor relies heavily on the presence of red and blue, forming the navy style. This is ideal for a bedroom, a home office and even for kitchen decor.
  • Green: for those who are not afraid to dare in combinations, red and different variations of green can create a unique look. In woodworking, the two colors make the space fun and current.

Playing with color combinations is always a great resource to add identity to the decor. Red, regardless of the dosage used, will guarantee a space full of energy and creativity.

65 photos of decorations with red and their varied combinations

Get inspired by the following architectural projects, which feature red combined with the colors highlighted above. Note that all decorative styles are covered with the tone:

1. Black, red and white is a combination that will never go out of date

2. And it fits in different residential environments

3. offering an essential highlight to the space

4. With the addition of wood, the result is a timeless atmosphere

5. A light red touch on the black balcony brought the vintage decor to life

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Sheila Almendros

6. The red sofa is full of personality

7. In the rustic gourmet kitchen, color brings joy to the environment

8. A darker tone, marks the boho look

9. In the red and white combination, even a hint of yellow fits

10. Gray closes everything with a golden key

11. By the way, gray makes room for another color to enter the combination, such as orange

12. Notice how the tone on tone of the frame matched the cabinet

13. Red woodwork is perfect for a retro look

14. This feature can also be added with a straight line sofa

15. The half wall broke a little of the clean environment

16. This button-down sofa made the space very cozy

17. A red door in the hall guarantees a unique sophistication

18. Just like this glamorous box that highlighted the red

19. If wood reigns, red becomes a point of color

20. The environment comes alive and joyful

21. How can you not love this red carpentry shop with the burnt cement in the background?

22. Sometimes it is enough to include subtleties of color in the decoration

23. More retro than red with pied de poule, impossible

24. A red rug for a classic room

25. Here, color was present from joinery to stone

26. Provencal cuisine has gained a modern touch

27. By the way, gray guarantees sobriety until red enters the scene

28. A dot of color for an intimate setting

29. Seen from afar, it’s a work of art

30. Speaking of artwork, you can bet on red

31. The room gains a relaxed atmosphere

32. The red armchair exudes personality amid the earthy tones

33. A European flair for modern construction

34. Present in the bedding, the red with blue brought joy to the room

35. Red flowers are welcome for decoration

36. The natural elements contrasted with the accent color of the sofa

37. With red, the environment is warm and welcoming

38. Note the importance of details

39. If you add a touch of gold, the environment takes on another face

40. A retro red fridge full of nostalgia and style

41. Transform a sober corner into a jovial atmosphere

42. Whether at home office

43. In the living room

44. On blankets and boards

45. And even in the tapestry of classic furniture

46. ​​Add art nouveau nuances to the decor with red and gold

47. To represent the contemporary, blue with red

48. The combination is successful in its most varied shades

49. This project is proof

50. In dark tones, the decor changes emphatically

51. With white predominant, the result is fun

52. In contemporary aesthetics, wood is also present

53. Just like burnt cement

54. Earth tones stand out for adding warmth to the aesthetic

55. In this kitchen, from beige to brown, the menu became a success

56. From the country house

57. To the apartment in the urban center

58. Blue and red embrace

59. Green and red, on the other hand, imply an admirable versatility

60. The combination is fun and fresh

61. How about going back to the 60s?

62. The way only vintage can provide

63. Although this merger is also very current

64. Completing yourself between a painting and an upholstery

65. And even making a presence on the wall and in nature

Whether in a kitchen, living room or red bedroom, the color combinations will faithfully show the entire identity of its residents. Immerse yourself with passion in decor.