5 MUST HAVE apps for productive people || every THAT GIRL has these apps

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Hello you guys,
Here are some of my favorite and most helpful apps I’ve ever download it and I still use them to this day.
These apps helps with habit tracking, journaling, expense tracking and daily planning

Apps mentioned:
Structured: https://apps.apple.com/by/app/structured-day-planner/id1499198946
Buddy: https://apps.apple.com/by/app/buddy-budget-save-money/id936422955
MinimalList: https://apps.apple.com/by/app/minimalist-to-do-list-task/id993066159
Habit: https://apps.apple.com/by/app/habit-tracker/id1438388363
ToBuy: https://apps.apple.com/by/app/tobuy-shopping-list/id1489580128

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