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Many people’s childhood dream is to have a tree house. But, these rustic residences have evolved and are not just restricted to children. Far beyond a recreational space, construction can be a home, a weekend getaway or a place to regain contact with nature. Impress yourself with fun and fascinating projects!

35 treehouse photos to make your dream come true

Check out simple, modern and even daring tree house ideas that bring nature as the protagonist:

1. Designing a tree house can be challenging

2. But, the experience of having one is amazing

3. The look can be very modern

4. And surprise due to the connection with nature

5. For the kids, make a model in the backyard

6. Build a house in the countryside to enjoy the holidays

7. Or even live in a

8. Design can be innovative

9. Mix materials such as wood and iron

10. A cabin in the woods is cozy

11. Unleash creativity in construction

12. You can make a small tree house

13. Or have a project with a large size

14. To access, use ladders or climbing nets

15. Children will definitely love to have one

16. Yet another model with toys

17. Adults can also enjoy

18. And make a perfect space to relax

19. A refuge full of creativity

20. Construction must be done in harmony with the environment

21. Give preference to sustainable materials

22. Use trees that ensure adequate structure

23. For spaces raised from the ground are perfect for leisure

24. So enjoy a quiet spot in nature

25. To enjoy whenever you want

26. The tree house can be simple

27. Have a raised wooden deck

28. Or just a little balcony

29. A building full of charm and charm

30. And you can even have one in your garden

31. All you need is a big and very resistant tree

32. To make your childhood dream come true

33. And have the tree house you always wanted

34. Be with a bold project

35. Or with a style that exudes coziness

Rescue the relationship with nature, apply sustainable practices in your routine and prefer materials used to enhance the preservation of the environment. Enjoy and choose your favorite idea to put into practice.

Tree house videos to get closer to nature

With so many amazing ideas, imagination and the desire to have a tree house must already be sky high. To find out where to start, watch the videos below that are full of tips for anyone looking to build one:

How to make a simple tree house

To put your dream into practice, watch the video and see the step by step to learn how to execute a simple model. The project consists of just one platform, but it already brings all the emotion of venturing out with a tree house, which you can even build yourself. For a more elaborate look, talk to an expert professional and hire a skilled workforce.

Tips for building a tree house

Take a tour of an incredible tree house that has already been built and get tips on the process and challenges of such a project. The small space brings a cozy rustic air and even has lighting! An amazing retreat to relax and enjoy nature.

tree house for kids

Children will love this tree house. In addition to a colorful look, the project also features several attractions for the little ones, such as a climbing wall and swings. The internal space works as a toy library and is entirely dedicated for them to unleash their creativity and have fun for hours.

Whether it’s for you or your children, having a tree house provides an amazing experience. And to value and respect nature in any construction, see also tips for having a sustainable home.