30 stylish designs to admire


The marble bathroom is a trend that never goes out of style. For this, there are several types of marble that can make your environment even more harmonious. Check out projects that make use of this resource and are full of elegance:

1. Marble is an elegant flooring

2. That makes the bathroom decoration refined

3. It forms a charming combination with wood

4. And enchants with metals and golden pieces

5. It is possible to find different shades and textures

6. Resembling the natural appearance of marble

7. White marble is a huge success

8. And it brings a lot of versatility in decoration

9. Just like the beige color

10. Ideal options for those who love neutral tones

11. And you want a clean, smooth bathroom

12. The look can also be dark, like black

13. Bring the sobriety of the brown tone

14. Or imitate a beautiful gray marble

15. Decorating the marble bathroom can be simple

16. Follow the Scandinavian style

17. Adhere to the minimalist trend

18. Have a composition with industrial air

19. Or bring a classic and timeless combination

20. Like the famous black and white duo

21. Marbled flooring looks great in small bathrooms

22. And brings more sophistication to larger spaces

23. A charming option for a feminine environment

24. And ideal for a glamorous couple’s bathroom

25. Porcelain tiles in this style cover floors and walls

26. And even wet areas

27. Since they are resistant and durable materials

28. In addition, they are easy to match pieces

29. And they guarantee a subtle and refined decoration

30. The marbled bathroom is elegance for sure

Classic and elegant, the marbled coating enhances the environment and leaves the bathroom with a chic look. And to perfect the composition of this space, check out luxury bathroom ideas.